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Last updated July 1, 2002
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Will Vautrain

Version: 1 | Requires: CF5 | Library: DatabaseLib

This security-related function is intended to test for strings that users intentionally or otherwise may pass in form fields that may cause SQL injection to occur. SQL injection is an event in which a malicious or unknowing user inserts arbitrary SQL statements into queries without the knowledge of the programmer. This UDF mainly relates to those using SQLServer, I am not sure if the test I use protects against the same vulnerabilities on other database platforms.

Return Values:
Returns a boolean.


<cfset sqlString1 = "Chicken soup with rice">
<cfset sqlString2 = "Chicken soup with' drop table soups--">

sqlString1 = #sqlString1# IsSQLInject? #IsSQLInject(sqlString1)#<br>
sqlString2 = #sqlString2# IsSQLInject? #IsSQLInject(sqlString2)#<br>


Name Description Required
input String to check. Yes

Full UDF Source:

 * Tests a string, one-dimensional array, or simple struct for possible SQL injection.
 * @param input 	 String to check. (Required)
 * @return Returns a boolean. 
 * @author Will Vautrain ( 
 * @version 1, July 1, 2002 
function IsSQLInject(input) {
	* The SQL-injection strings were used at the suggestion of Chris Anley []
	* in his paper "Advanced SQL Injection In SQL Server Applications" available for downloat at
	var listSQLInject = "select,insert,update,delete,drop,--,'";
	var arraySQLInject = ListToArray(listSQLInject);
	var i = 1;
	for(i=1; i lte arrayLen(arraySQLInject); i=i+1) {
		if(findNoCase(arraySQLInject[i], input)) return true;
	return false;
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