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Last Updated November 13, 2014
Number of UDFs: 53
A library that mimics CFML tags.

Last Updated March 10, 2013
Number of UDFs: 24
A library containing database specific functions (written in CFML).

Last Updated June 23, 2014
Number of UDFs: 175
A set of functions that work with data. For example, converting a query to a structure.

Last Updated November 13, 2014
Number of UDFs: 181
A library of date/time related functions.

Last Updated September 19, 2014
Number of UDFs: 63
A set of functions that interact with the file system at various levels (drive, directory, file).

Last Updated November 13, 2014
Number of UDFs: 12
A library devoted to financial (monetary) based functions.

Last Updated January 8, 2013
Number of UDFs: 146
A set of mathematical functions. This includes geometry, trig, statistical, and general math functions.

Last Updated July 31, 2013
Number of UDFs: 23
A library for Internet related UDFs.

Last Updated April 9, 2007
Number of UDFs: 21
A set of UDFs dedicated to scientific equations.

Last Updated October 2, 2012
Number of UDFs: 25
A set of security related functions.

Last Updated June 19, 2014
Number of UDFs: 394
A set of string functions. This includes HTML stripping and other string manipulating functions.

Last Updated December 27, 2013
Number of UDFs: 187
A set of utility functions for dealing with miscellaneous tasks.

Welcome To

Welcome to the Common Function Library Project. The purpose of the Common Function Library Project ( is to create a set of user-defined function (UDF) libraries for ColdFusion 5.0 and higher. These libraries are open source and may be used and modified to your liking. Functions range from email format checking to encryption routines. These UDFs can greatly speed up development time as well as add new and powerful features to your web site.

Anyone can add their code to the project by simply using our submission form. You must be running ColdFusion 5.0 (or higher) to run these libraries. For more information about ColdFusion, please visit Adobe's ColdFusion product page. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact me. was created by Raymond Camden (Blog). UDF editing, approval and grunt work done by Adam Cameron.


You can submit your own UDF now. Before doing so, please search the site and ensure we haven't released a similar UDF already. Also note that your UDF may be modified to meet CFLib standards.

UDFs will be processed and checked manually. This will take a bit of time on my part. Please contact me if you have any specific questions about your status in the queue.

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Welcome to CFLib 2009. After four years of talking about it, I finally got around to rebuilding it. Thanks go to Justin Johnson for the new design.

Add support for browing CFLib via ColdFusion Builder - install CFLibExtension.


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